Some of you showed up here because you know me; others because you want to get to know me better. Of course a few of you probably arrived by chance. I hope those in the latter category will stick around long enough to learn something about me and my work.

Have a good time!
Come ye all!



Upcoming Shows

    • 10.02.19 17 Uhr PopChorUntersee in Märstetten (CH)
    • 16.03.19 20 Uhr raad&werner in concert in der Mühle Oberteuringen
    • 23.03.19 zoffvoices in concert Insel Reichenau
    • 13.04.19 20 Uhr Dirk Werner & seine WunderBunt AG im [boku] Bodnegg
    • 15.06.19 Jubiläumskonzert PCU in Steckborn (feat. Freddy Mademann)

    For further information click on the above links or check out the respective sites. Ticket reservations are not possible at my website unless otherwise noted.

    PS: Songs in Audio Player recorded by H. Braun. Translations: www.andreas-heller.com