For a fairly long time, I've been doing my small but special series of readings in Radolfzell called „XXL-Stories“. These readings take place in the second half of the year and consist of short stories by well-known and lesser-known authors on various themes. Mostly humorous, only occasionally gloomy, the following is a list of recent programs: XXL-Mas, Oh je, du fröhliche..., Liebe und Triebe..., Gänsehaut, Die Ente bleibt draussen!..., and many others. With kind support from the friendly folks at the Stadtbibliothek (Public Library) Radolfzell.

Here's what the wordsmiths in the press had to say:

„The feelings do not suffice for an applause. They continue to wander in a daze through the story, whose last syllable hangs in the air like the smoke of an extinguished candle. Only the mind continues noisily its quest for an answer that provides peace—the personal peace that each of us has to find in a story that moves us deeply. Dirk Werner knows about the impact of words. He not only reads, he breathes life into letters, constructing acoustic scenarios, which only congeal into images within the minds of each individual listener. Dirk Werner is also and above all a musician. And for that reason, he knows how to deal with words and sounds, understands how to make them come alive and take possession.“ (Südkurier vom 06.12.05)