I have been teaching voice for a number of years at the Musikschule Stockach and the Jazz- & Popgesangsschule Go Vocal in Stuttgart.

The focus of my teaching is naturally working on the voice. I work on the following with my students: interpretation, breath training, voice training, style-oriented singing, building a personal repertoire, among others.

The ability to read music is not necessarily required; however you'd be amazed how helpful it can be. In addition, what has been confirmed in my many years of providing voice training is exactly that which my students have feared the most: namely that knowledge of music theory is absolutely necessary in order to understand music more deeply. Who would have thunk that? For that reason, I also offer the basics of music theory for the willing.

In addition, I can also provide those working as arrangers or choir directors with tips from my personal experience.

On top of that I also coach high school groups working on musicals or putting on other shows.

Feel free to contact me for an appointment.



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